The Elkhorn Crest Trail #1611

Trail Description

The Marble Pass Trailhead is located on the southern end of the Elkhorn Crest National Recreation Trail. The Elkhorn Crest Trail is the highest trail in the Blue Mountains and runs along the Elkhorn Mountain ridgeline across sub-alpine forests and grasslands. From the northern to southern terminus it runs for 28 miles and offers panoramic views of the Baker Valley, the distant Wallowa Mountains and the Blue Mountains. Along the way you can also view six high mountain lakes, craggy nearby peaks and maybe catch a glimpse of a herd of elk or resident mountain goats.

Current Conditions

This trail is generally clear of snow from early July to late September. Expect winter debris (down trees, etc.) in the early season. Trail may not be maintained on a regular basis – obstacles on the trail may be present year-round.

Trip Types

Hiking, Backpacking, Horse Riding. Mountain Biking and OHV Riding are allowed up to the wilderness boundary (2 miles from northern terminus and 14 miles from southern terminus).


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