Local Biking Resources

Photo: Pat Thomas

Mountain Biking Near Baker City

Baker County is home to a budding mountain bike scene, with opportunities for both novice and advanced riders. 

Phillips Lake

Phillips Lake is a reservoir located about 30 miles outside of Baker City. The multi-use trails around the lake offer mellow and fun riding for the whole family. The Shoreline Trail circumvents the reservoir and makes for a great 16 mile cross country ride. 

Marble Creek

Marble Creek is a local spot. Here, a user-built downhill trail offers a fun and fast descent through a steep hillside on the edge of the Elkhorns. 

Anthony Lakes

The crown jewel of mountain biking in eastern Oregon are the trails in and around Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort. Over 8 miles of single track trails follow the Nordic ski corridors and offer a little of everything; from 1000 ft. climbs to the top of the mountain, to rugged, rocky descents. The Broadway Flow Trail is a professionally built downhill trail taking riders through the ski area. With multiple high lakes and beautiful granite peaks, the northern elkhorn mountains are scenic and fun!

Mount Emily Recreation Area

Mount Emily is the largest developed mountain biking system in eastern Oregon. With over 48+ miles of trails, this area is worth a stop on any trip through Baker City and La Grande. 

Road Biking Near Baker City

With wide open country roads and sprawling mountain views, Baker County is a road cyclist’s dream. Check out some local road biking ideas below as well as the additional resources linked below.

  • Grande Ronde Tour Route ~ 134 miles 
  • Pocahontas Rd ~ 10 – 40 miles 
  • Doolee Mountain ~ 30-100 miles 
  • Leo Adler Bikepath ~ 2 miles 

Additional Resources: 

Safety Tips for Biking in Eastern Oregon

  1. If you encounter cattle being moved on the roads, stop and wait. Do not try and go around the cattle.
  2. Most roads in this area do not have bike lanes, bike with traffic (stay to the right) and share the road respectfully.

Bike Service & Repair at The Trailhead in Baker City

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