Peavy Trail #1640

Trail Description

Peavy Trail #1640 follows the North Fork John Day River drainage from the Peavy Cabin area to Columbia Hill, above the headwaters. The trail lies within the North Fork John Day Wilderness following an old roadbed through small grassy openings and burned stands of lodgepole pine and spruce that perished in the 1996 Sloan’s Ridge fire. After two miles, the trail climbs steeply crossing numerous small streams along the way. Just before the top, the trail contours along an open sagebrush hillside above a large meadow where campsites are available.

Current Conditions

Clear of snow, winter debris may exist.

Trip Types

Hiking, Backpacking, HorseBack Riding

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Trail Reports - Peavy Trail #1640

  • Hiked this trail on July 11th, 2021. The trail is passable, with a few downed tress. The Trailhead Stewardship Project is currently working on this trail.

    The photo shows the views when you reach the end of the trail, at its junction with the Elkhorn Crest Trail.