North Powder River Trail #1632

Trail Description

The North Powder River Trail, which is actually an old wagon road, provides access to the headwaters of the river, the Elkhorn Crest Trail and the Lost Lake Trail. The first mile contours up along the northwest slope above the river, beneath large trees and across open sagebrush and grass-covered slopes. The upper half of this portion passes a boulder-filled stream bed. Beyond the Lost Lake Trail junction (1621) the road improves somewhat continuing up toward the crest. The trail crosses a number of seasonally wet meadows and spruce/fir-covered benches with wide-ranging views of the entire river drainage. Campsites are plentiful in these upper benches and meadows.

Current Conditions

This trail is generally clear of snow from early July to late September. Expect winter debris (down trees, etc.) in the early season. Trail may not be maintained on a regular basis – obstacles on the trail may be present year-round.

Trip Types

Snowmobiling, Hiking, Mountain biking, Horseback Riding, ATV/OHV


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