The Program

Many of us gearheads tend to hoard our well-loved gear. Let it be known, there are others who can love it too! Or, have the kids outgrown their gear and it’s taking up space in the garage? Or, maybe you just can’t seem to part with those old jackets that you never wear? The Trailhead is here to help you with seasonal cleaning out of gear with our consignment program.

You don’t need to have gear to sell to enjoy the Trailhead Gear Exchange. Stop in and let us help you find awesome quality used gear! This is a great way to find affordable, name brand outdoor gear.

How it Works

  • Bring your clean, in good working order, gear in anytime and one of our staff will assist in sorting and pricing. (If the shop is busy, you may be asked to return at a later time. No hard feelings, we still love you!
  • Once prices are set, your items hit the floor.
  • We accept winter items starting September 1 and summer items starting March 1. The earlier you bring your gear in, the better chance it has to sell for that season.
  • There are two sales every year: One in April (winter gear goes to 30% off), and one in October (summer gear goes to 30% off).
  • You can pick up your items at any time. (If you don’t want them to go on sale, just swing in and pick them up prior). 
  • If items are not sold after the sale, you will be notified to pick them up or we’ll gladly donate them to locals in need.

Consignment Rates (how you get paid)

Market Value of Item Check or Store Credit to You
Up to $12550% check to you (60% in-store credit)
$126 to $25060% check to you (70% in-store credit)
$251 to $500 70% check to you (80% in-store credit)
$501 to $1,00080% check to you (90% in-store credit)
$1,001 & up 85% check to you (95% in-store credit)